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Break down your barriers, overcome fear, and become the person you aspire to be!

I will help you become fearless with professional one-on-one coaching services.


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Grow, Learn, and Transform

Become more aware of who you are at your core and discover the work that truly fulfills you with one-on-one coaching. You'll learn new strategies that take your from where you are to where you want to be, while receiving assistance each step of the way. Change and transformation can have its challenges, but you'll get through them with a coach that has been in your shoes before.

Push Your Boundaries

Whenever you experience fear or self-doubt about being a coach or running your own business, you'll have someone to get you through any obstacles. Using Christian's ongoing support, you'll learn to identify the things that usually stop you from becoming your best self. Once you gain clarity, you begin identifying life's possibilities instead of being held back by past mistakes.

Achieve Your Dreams

The world's best CEOs, athletes, and artists all have coaches who help them maximize their abilities. Now you have someone you can trust, who will help you achieve your goals and dreams. When you're ready to start living a life that's personally and professional satisfying, contact Christian. Together you'll discuss how she can help you reach the next level as a coach and entrepreneur.

One-on-One Coaching

Are you ready for coaching from Christian? Now's an opportunity to start the journey of a lifetime. Enter your name, email, and phone number using the form below. Then include your ideal way to have a conversation, and a time that works best for you. Afterwards, she'll schedule your free coaching call, where you'll get to know more about Christian's one-on-one coaching services.


Hi, I'm Christian Proffit,

Christian Proffit is much more than a professional coach. She is also a caring mother of three beautiful children, a passionate leader, and an author. For over a decade, Christian has shared her inspiring story of overcoming hardships with her coaching clients. And she understands first-hand that if she could make it, then you too can overcome your fears and succeed.

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