Meet Christian

Professional Coach

Why Work with Christian?

Christian Proffit is much more than a professional coach. She is also a caring mother of three beautiful children, a passionate leader, and an author. For over a decade, Christian has shared her inspiring story of overcoming hardships with her coaching clients. And she understands first-hand that if she could make it, then you too can overcome your fears and succeed.

As a child, Christian had a rough upbringing, but was able to persevere and beat the odds. Raised in New Orleans, she was thrown into a world filled with hopelessness at an early age. These astonishing trials are detailed in Christian’s memoir, Why Christian Speaks: Turning My Mess Into A Message.

Even after experiencing homelessness, barely passing high school, and dealing with traumatic life events, Christian was able to persist. Today she has her master’s in psychology. Her powerful message of overcoming her darkest days will empower you to start on your own journey toward success. She knows that you are worthy of a better, more empowered life, no matter what happened in your past.

What does it mean to be successful? Perhaps you dream of working for yourself, starting a thriving business, or becoming a life coach. Deep down you know what is best for you. But sometimes it's simply more convenient to hide your true desires from yourself.

There's a quote that accurately explains what you're going through, which you'll probably recognize. It reads, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

This is your opportunity to work with someone that believes in you. Are you ready to move beyond your fears? If so, contact Christian and schedule your first coaching session today.

Find Your Sense of Purpose

Are you ready to shine your light? My goal as your professional coach is to prove that you can achieve your goals with a little faith. But first, we'll need to uncover exactly what you were put on Earth to achieve. Let's work together to uncover that purpose.

Start A Challenging & Rewarding Journey

At some point in your journey you will experience fear and self-doubt. It doesn't matter whether you're named Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates—these problems are simply a part of being alive. And yet, it's how you learn to turn that fear into strength which will make all the difference.

Transform Yourself into A Fearless Leader

The right professional coach can see you through the challenging times, keep you accountable, and help lead you along the correct path. By working together, you'll transform into the leader, coach, or entrepreneur you are meant to be.